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M107 Rack NSN - Weapon Rack System

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NSN racks for M107, SecureIt Tactical M107 Racks are the most efficient and flexible M107 storage system

M107 Rack NSN numbers.

NSN: 1095-01-599-4868       1095-01-599-4865

There are 2 M107 NSN rack configurations - see below

M107 weapon storage rack. Holds up to 6 M107s with room for additional gear or weapons
Approved by TACOM MARCOSYSCOM and the Navy for shipboard applications

      Crew Served /  Sniper Rifle Rack


  Machine Gun /  Sniper Rifle Rack

M107 rack nsn sniper rifle rack nsn

Stores 6 M107s with
900lb capacity storage shelves above
Will also store:
MK19, M240,
all rifles,
Sniper rifle systems
Shoulder Launch weapon system

NSN: 1095-01-599-4865

M107 siper rifle rack nsn

Configuration shows
7 M107 sniper rifles stored with 6 M4 weapons above

Will also store:
M240 and M249 SAWs
and all other rifles.

NSN 1095-01-599-4868



SecureIt Tactical Weapon Racks provide adaptable storage for all variants of the M107.
SecureIt Patent Pending weapon storage platform allows for the superior flexibility. The M107 weapon rack can be configured to hold virtually all infantry weapons without the need to purchase additional components.

Crew Served weapon rack configuration:
6 M107s with 6 rifles with above
using single capacity stock shelves for the upper row of weapons.



SecureIt Tactical is a leading provider of modular weapon racks and high density weapon storage systems to military Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.

Order Through DLA: SecureIt NSN weapon Racks

The SecureIt Tactical weapon storage platform adapts to store the widest range of military weapons. The M107 is storage using the model 84 weapon rack, 2 lower saddles and 1 upper saddle. 6 M107s can be stored in 1 tactical rack. space above the rifles can used for storage shelves or through the use of single weapon shelves you can stored 6 rifles above the Barretts. The upper rifle stocks sit on shelves between the barrels of the M107s.


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