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M249 Tactical Weapon Rack

NSN for M249 weapon storage rack: M249 rack NSN

SecureIt Weapon Rack

Tactical M249 crew served Weapon Racks provide the most efficient weapon storage system for M249s and crew served weapons. Available with bi-fold or retractable doors, SecureIt M249 weapon racks offer the greatest value for Armories and weapons storage vaults

SecureIt Tactical Weapon Racks provide adaptable storage for all variants of the M249. Tactical model 84 weapon rack will store 12 M249s in two rows of six. You can also store 6 M240s the lower position with for 6 249s above, or place a shelf above the 249s and store M4s ( or other smaller format AR weapons) and or gear. SecureIt Patent Pending weapon storage platform allows for the superior flexibility. The M249SAW weapon rack can be configured to hold virtually all infantry weapons without the need to purchase additional components.

M249 storage rack

Crew Served weapon rack configuration:
6 M240B with 6 M249SAWs above
using single capacity stock shelves for the upper row of weapons.

NSN: 1095-01-599-5325 Bi-fold door
NSN: 1095-01-599-4882 Retractable Door

NSN Machine Gun Rack M240/M249

M240B weapon racks



M4s stored above crew served weapons - M249 and M240s

Our magnetic hooks are used for storing M240 and 249 spare barrels. The hooks are rated at 30lb load capacity.

This cabinet could easily be reconfigured (without needing any additional components) to store other crew served weapons; M2, MK19, ARs or shotguns.

About the M249 SAW

The M249 light machine gun (LMG), previously designated the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), and formally written as Light Machine Gun, 5.56 mm, M249, is an American version of the Belgian FN Minimi, a light machine gun manufactured by the Belgian company FN Herstal (FN). The M249 is manufactured in the United States and is widely used by the U.S. Armed Forces. The weapon was introduced in 1984 after being judged the most effective of a number of candidate weapons to address the lack of automatic firepower in small units. The gun provides infantry squads with the heavy volume of fire of a machine gun combined with accuracy and portability approaching that of a rifle.

The M249 is gas operated and air-cooled. It has a quick-change barrel, allowing the gunner to rapidly replace an overheated or jammed barrel. A folding bipod is attached near the front of the gun, though an M192 LGM tripod is also available. It can be fed from both linked ammunition and STANAG magazines, like those used in the M16 and M4. This allows the SAW gunner to use rifleman's magazines as an emergency source of ammunition in the event that he runs out of linked rounds. However, this will often cause malfunctions where the magazine spring has difficulty feeding rounds quickly enough to match the SAW's high cyclic rate.

M249s have seen action in every major conflict involving the United States since the 1989 invasion of Panama. Soldiers are generally satisfied with the weapon's performance, though there have been reports of clogging with dirt and sand. Due to the weight and age of the weapon, the United States Marine Corps is testing the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with plans to partially replace the M249 in Marine Corps service


Approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom and the Navy.
The SecureIt Model 84 weapon Rack is the only mass produced weapon rack approved for use on Naval ships
Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.



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