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M252 81mm Mortar Rack NSN

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NSN racks for M252 81mm Mortars, SecureIt Tactical Mortar Racks are the most
efficient and flexible Mortar storage system available today.

M252 81mm Mortar Rack NSN number.
NSN: 1095-01-599-4865

M252 81mm Mortar storage rack. Holds up to 6Mortar canons with room for additional gear or weapons or can store 6 complete Mortar systems: Canon bipod and Sight.
Unique Feature: The Tactical Model 84 is the only weapon storage system that can store the 60mm Mortar as a system.
You will not have to disassemble the Mortar system for storage. This system also protects the iridium sight.

Approved by TACOM MARCOSYSCOM and the Navy for shipboard applications

      60mm Mortar System Rack Configuration


   60mm Mortar Canon Rack Configuration

M252 81mm  mortar rack nsn

Stores 6 M2152n mortar canons with
900lb capacity storage shelves above
Will also store:
MK19, M240,
all rifles,
Sniper rifle systems
Shoulder Launch weapon system

m252 mortar mortar canon nsn rack

Configuration shows
3 M252 81mm Mortars with 1 M2 and 3 rifles. This shows how the system will adapt to a wide variety of weapons.
No additional components are needed to store other weapons

Will also store:
M240 and M249SAW, Mk19
and all other rifles.



SecureIt Tactical Weapon Racks provide adaptable storage for all variants of the M252
SecureIt Patent Pending weapon storage platform allows for the superior flexibility.

The SecureIt Tactical weapon storage platform will adapt in the field to meet changing needs. The Patented 2 piece weapon storage saddle system will store all modern rifles, shotguns, Sniper rifles, crew served weapons and shoulder launch systems.






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