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Modular Armory Workbench | Weapon Maintenance Bench

weapon work bench

A proper work bench is critical to efficient weapon maintenance. SecureIt Tactical armory work bench is designed to meet all needs. Compatible with all SecureIt weapon rack systems as well as many others. SecureIt Tactical recognizes the importance of efficient storage systems and space utilization. SecureIt modular work benches and weapon parts storage systems, offers a new level of efficiency and adaptability to a dynamic changing environment.

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SecureIt Tactical recognizes the importance of space utilization in an arms room. Tactical weapon racks have the smallest footprint in the industry. Combine this with our ultra efficient modular workbenches and modular drawer storage and you can effective free up 30 - 40 percent more usable space.

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SecureIt HD Weapons Work Bench features: Modular drawer storage - Full Extension 400lb capacity Drawers

opics storage
PEQ-2 storage in modular drawer with compartments

SecureIt Tactical is a leading provider of modular weapon racks and high density weapon storage systems to military Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.

Tactical weapon racks are approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom and the Navy.
The SecureIt Model 84 weapon Rack is the only mass produced weapon rack approved for use on Naval ships
Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.




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