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NVG Storage Cabinets and Modular Drawers Secure NVG Storage and NVG Storage Systems

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NVG Storage: The challenge is to provide organized storage to meet capacity needs and allow for fast and efficient inventory and audit procedure.

SecureIt Tactical racks and NVG modular cabinets provide individual compartment storage compatible with bar code and RFID scanning and tracking. Systems are scalable and can grow as your inventory grows.

The Wrong Way! to do inventory
nvg optics cabinet


This image was taken during inventory, the NVGs were stored in "space-saving" NSN racks.
As you can see in the photo inventory required emptying all cabinets onto the floor. This is only a partial image -my lens was not wide enough to capture have big of problem this was. This was a 3 1/2 hour ordeal.


The Right Way to do inventory
nvg drawer cabinet

PEQ 4s stored in compartment in a drawer


Our solution was to put all the NVGs in modular drawer locking cabinets. Each optic has it's own compartment.

Drawers and compartment can be easily labeled. This solution allows operators to complete inventor without removing the optics form the drawers. Inventory time was reduced to about 30 minutes.


Optics stoage cabinet


Optics cabinet

Storage cabinet with maple laminate work surface provides a great deal of storage and a large area to work.

Storage system like this can be configure with work surfaces up to 48" X 72"

SecureIt Tactical provides complete armory solution. Weapon rack and weapon storage cabinets, high density weapon storage systems, gear and ammo storage and ergonomic work stations for weapon maintenance.

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