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American soldiers are a creative and inventive group.
Given the proper tools, they will solve any storage or logistics challenge.

Just 4 Components. Unlimited Weapon Storage Capabilities!

Build an entire armory with just 1 or 2 NSNs

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Below is some text from a competing firms marketing material.

"If you have a weapon you are currently storing or a new weapon system that you do not see listed on this page, let us know and if we do not have a component already designed to store your weapon, we will design one specifically for your requirement."

This is simply wrong thinking. Requiring the purchase of additional brackets every time you have a new weapon is expensive, time consuming and logistically difficult.


SecureIt Tactical Weapon Storage System will meet the storage requirements for virtually all weapons systems including Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Mortars and Pistols.

The Tactical Weapon Storage system has changed the way military units think about weapon storage.
Most systems on the market provide specific brackets for each weapon type. This results in the need to purchase many different specialized parts and limits system function and compatibility.

The SecureIt Tactical storage system features 4 basic components that provide safe and secure storage for all infantry and crew served weapon systems including mortar canons and shoulder launch weapons.

As weapon system advance and military units all over the world modernize, the need for a simple yet highly effective system to properly store and secure modern weapons has never been more important.


SecureIt Stores all weapons

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tactical combat weapon rack 24 rifle weapon rack combat crewserved weapon rack M249 storage weapon rack MK19 weapon rack and combat mk19 rack m2 weapon rack and combat m2 rack
Removable 900 lb. capacity tactical rack shelving is the strongest in the industry. High density weapon storage is enhanced by additional bins and storage trays. M4s stored over crew-served weapons. Magnetic hooks hold spare barrels. M249 SAWs over M240Bs allows
for highest density crew-served weapon storage.
M4s over MK19s stored in a 36" footprint is unique to SecureIt tactical racks. The ability to store four M2 receivers with eight barrels is exclusive to SecureIt racks.
HD weapon rack weapon and gear rack socom weapon rack tactical weapon rack storage rack storage weapon rack
M4s over M249, M240, M2 and Mk19. SecureIt saddle system allows storage for all weapons. M4s over M9 handguns stored with an assortment of crew-served tactical weapons. M4s with SOPMOD attachments stored above sniper rifles and crew-served machine guns. Handguns, optics and magazine storage may be rearranged quickly without the use
of tools.
Hooks hold spare barrels safely away from weapons. Trays and bins fit behind weapons. The ability to mix gear with tactical weapons is unique to SecureIt tactical storage racks.


SecureIt Tactical is a leading provider of modular weapon racks and high density weapon storage systems to military Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.

Approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom and the Navy.
The SecureIt Model 84 weapon Rack is the only mass produced weapon rack approved for use on Naval ships
Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.

SecureIt weapon racks feature our patent pending weapon storage system. All accessories for SecureIt Tactical weapon racks are interchangeable throughout their product line. SecureIt also offers compatibility brackets that allow other brand components to fit their system. SecureIt Tactical weapons storage systems will meet the storage requirements for all weapons systems including M-16s, M-4s, SOPMOD M-4s, M-9s, shotguns, SCARs, M-240s, M-249 SAWs, M-2s, MK-19s, mortars, and many more weapons systems. SecureIt is able to store virtually all infantry weapon with 4 simple components. The Patent pending system allows SecureIt weapon racks and weapon cabinets to adapt to nearly all situations without the need to purchase additional brackets or components



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