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SecureIt High Efficiency Weapons Racks

SecureIt Weapon Rack and weapon storage

SecureIt Tactical is a leading provider of modular weapon racks and high density weapon storage systems to military Law Enforcement Agencies all over the world.


Approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom and the Navy.
The SecureIt Model 84 weapon Rack is the only mass produced weapon rack approved for use on Naval ships
Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.

All configurations below achieved with just 2 basic components and The Tactical Model 84 weapon cabinet

tactical storage rack

HD Shelving

Tactical rack shelf capacity is 900 lb. per shelf

Highest load capacity in the industry

M14 rifle rack optics and storage

The ability to mix gear with weapons is unique to the tactical weapon rack.
m4 rack m240b m249 rack

M4s stored over crew serve weapons



M249 and M240s

Magnetic hooks hold spare barrels


M240 rack M249 rack



M249 SAWs stored over M240Bs

14ga all steel

allows for high density crew serve weapon storage

NSN: 1095-01-599-4868

mk19 combat weapon rack

M4s stored over MK19s




Mk19 Rack

4 Mk19s stored in a 36" wide footprint

Only SecureIt Tactical Racks can do this

m2 combat weapon rack m4 storage

M4s stored above M2s


M2 rack

4 receivers with 8 barrels


Only SecureIt Tactical Racks can do this

mk19, m2 weapons storage cabinet and rack

M4 rifles

M249, M240, M2, Mk19

one saddle system stores all weapons.

M4 rifle rack optics and storage

M4 rifles

M9 handguns
optics and magazines


Mix of crew serve weapons and carbines

socom rack weapon storage

M4s with SOPMOD attachments



Handguns, shot guns,

sniper rifle and crew serve machine guns


SecureIt uses just 2 pieces for all weapons types all modern and vintage weapons. when you weapon density changes the system will quickly adapt.
Other system require you to purchase different brackets to make changes

SecureIt Needs just 2 saddles


weapopn rack storage suystem

Other systems require - Over 60

bad Weapon storage saddles systems



Weapon racks SecureIt High Density Weapons Racks

SecureIt Weapons Racks address the needs of the modern armorer.
The ability to store gear with weapon is unique to the tactical weapon rack.

SecureIt Weapon Cabinets offer a unique ability to store weapon and gear.

Weapon racks feature Open architecture design allows for the use of common storage bins, baskets and trays ( available at most hardware stores) to solve gear storage challenges. This provides the opportunity for armorers to solve there storage challenges without having to track down propitiatory hard to get components

Patent Pending Saddle system: Only 3 basic components store all infantry weapons. components can be individually configured for independent adjustability throughout the weapon rack, offering the maximum efficiency, adaptability and storage capacity in a small footprint
SecureIt does not use weapon specific components. Our saddle system will adapt to virtually any weapon. This means you will not have to purchase additional components should your weapons list change
SecureIt Tactical high density weapons racks come standard with a 9 point locking system meeting OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements. Tactical racks have been approved for use on Naval vessels

SecureIt weapon racks feature our patent pending weapon storage system. All accessories for SecureIt Tactical weapon racks are interchangeable throughout their product line. SecureIt weapon racks also offers compatibility brackets that allow other brand components to fit their system. SecureIt Tactical weapons storage systems will meet the storage requirements for all weapons systems including M-16s, M-4s, SOPMOD M-4s, M-9s, shotguns, SCARs, M-240s, M-249 SAWs, M-2s, MK-19s, mortars, and many more weapons systems. SecureIt is able to store virtually all infantry weapon with 4 simple components. The Patent pending system allows SecureIt weapon racks and weapon cabinets to adapt to nearly all situations without the need to purchase additional brackets or components



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