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Weapons Transport Carts
Mobile Weapon Racks and Portable Weapon Storage Solutions

M44 weapon cart

SecureIt weapon transport racks and weapon carts feature large high capacity wheels for smooth operation of a wide verity of surfaces. Portable weapon storage systems for military and law enforcement are popular for moving weapons within a facility as well as transporting weapons to the range.

weapon transport cart

SecureIt EXP Weapons Transport Cart

SecureIt EXP Weapons Transport Cart is extremely flexible for small arms transport. From large 240B machine guns and Barret 50cal sniper rifles to M4s, P90 subs and 9mm handguns, our weapons cart quickly adjust to meet your immediate need. Re-configuring the cart take just seconds. For use in armories, ranges, crime labs, manufacturing, test labs and anywhere weapons need to be easily moved.

Approved by Tacom, Marcorsyscom and the Navy.
The SecureIt Model 84 weapon Rack is the only mass produced weapon rack approved for use on Naval ships
Only SecureIt Tactical Racks offer this level of adaptability and flexibility.

SecureIt weapon racks feature our patent pending weapon storage system. All accessories for SecureIt Tactical weapon racks are interchangeable throughout their product line. SecureIt also offers compatibility brackets that allow other brand components to fit their system. SecureIt Tactical weapons storage systems will meet the storage requirements for all weapons systems including M-16s, M-4s, SOPMOD M-4s, M-9s, shotguns, SCARs, M-240s, M-249 SAWs, M-2s, MK-19s, mortars, and many more weapons systems. SecureIt is able to store virtually all infantry weapon with 4 simple components. The Patent pending system allows SecureIt weapon racks and weapon cabinets to adapt to nearly all situations without the need to purchase additional brackets or components



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